Cannabis Retail Opt In Maps:
CA – NJ – NY – MI – MS

CannDev has designed some very helpful maps showing which cities within a state have opted in for cannabis retail.

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These maps are free to use and we are not charging for access.

Cannabis retail stores are opening at a strong pace throughout the US. Real estate site selection is an important ingredient to having a successful store. However, before you can select real estate deciding which city to open a retail store is even more important. A bad operator can be in a good city and still find great profits, yet not the other way around.

There are currently just under 10,000 cannabis retail outlets through the USA. So far in 2022 a little over 1,000 new retail stores have opened doors, with another 800 or so pending stores right behind them. 

These maps were created to assist retail operators in selecting which cities to expand into. Understanding which cities are surrounded by opt out cities means potential stores will open with more exposure to larger population bases. And even better than that is finding cities nearby state borders that are next to a state that won’t allow for cannabis retail for many years. We’ve heard many stores are doing tens of millions in revenues that open nearby the right state borders. 

How to use the CannDev Opt In maps:

1. Zoom in on the map to browse different cities opt in status
2. Hover or click on a city to review opt in status
3. Refer to the key to match the color to the status of each city

Note: The status of unincorporated county areas will be indicated by the color matching the key. Maps will be updated monthly so at times may not be 100% accurate. Our team will be doing their best to keep them up to date.

To gain access to our maps please use the link below and select which state you wish to review. Enjoy! 

Click Here To Gain Access to CannDev’s Opt In Maps

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