These are the next cities opening up for cannabis retail in California

CannDev in California

Take a look at CannDev’s opt in map showing which cities allow for retail stores in California

We are based in Santa Rosa, California and have been focused on retail developments in this market since 2017. We have put into development over 50 locations in California and have played a part of 13 winning retail licenses so far.

Our successful developments are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno, Santa Rosa, Oxnard, Tracy, El Centro, and more. 

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We’re excited for cities in California to open up for cannabis retail and allow for more access to the public.

How many cities allow for cannabis retail?

California has about 481 total cities and currently only about one third of them are allowing for cannabis retail stores. Take a look at our opt in map on this page to review which cities are currently allowing for cannabis retail. 

When do applications open?
Cities are opening up are varying times. The local municipality will dictate if they will allow for sales of cannabis in retail stores. Take a look on this page at the next 10 cities opening soon for retail. If you require real estate in any of these cities please sign up for our
How many licenses are available?

Each city will decide how many licenses they will allow for. Sometimes there is no caps on licenses which means having the best real estate location means you will have more access to customers. Other times it’s a competitive merit based process and with limited licenses means higher revenue potential for each store. In any case real estate is going to be key for a successful retail store. 

What's the process to apply?

Each city will have a application process they will release that will outline the exact process. After receiving local approval from a city a future store will have to apply for a state license in order to be able to open doors. 

How much does it cost to submit an application

Every city has different application fees and schedules. It’s important to study the process carefully in order to understand all the costs involved. One of the key costs is “time” since there’s no way to know how long a city will take to award a license. In California it can take more than a year to get a license. Which is why it is vital to have low real estate holding costs during an application period. Which is why working with CannDev can be beneficial since all our deals have low holding costs during the application process. 

Take a look at the next 10 cities opening up soon for cannabis retail in California

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