Cannabis retail
is coming soon to New York. 

New York Cannabis Retail

New York will be one of the biggest cannabis markets in the world. The state has about 20 million population and north of 65 million visitors per year.

CannDev is currently securing class A flagship potential locations in New York and will soon be sharing dozens of opportunities with groups looking to expand to this market.

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Take a look at CannDev’s opt in map showing which municipalities allow for retail stores in New York

More than 50% of municipalities (1,500+) in New York have opted in to allow for cannabis retail. Take a look at our opt in map to discover which cities you can open a retail store. 

The mean population of the cities that opted out was ~9,000 versus ~25,000 for those that actively opted in, and ~29,000 for those opted in by default. So the majority of opt outs came from small, rural towns, while the major population centers in NY are on board with cannabis retail.

We are expecting to see New York open for retail applications between Q3 and Q4 of 2022.

There are unlimited licenses available at the state level, and each municipality will dictate if they will have caps on licenses or not. This will in turn affect the viability of a store given how much population each store can serve. Which is why our opt in map is important to get an idea of the landscape of opportunity. 

Regulations are still being drafted and are expected to be released sometime late Q2 or during Q3 2022. 

Yes. In order to submit a retail application in New York a retailer must secure compliant real estate. 

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