Ohio is soon to allow for more cannabis retail licenses

Ohio Cannabis Retail

As of Q4, 2023 the state of Ohio is voting to allow adult-use cannabis sales, and if the vote passes, it means there will be a huge expansion of retail cannabis stores.

Current medical dispensaries and level 2 cultivators will each be granted 1 adult-use retail licenses, and each level 1 cultivator will be granted 3 adult-use retail licenses. 

With new licenses for dispensaries soon to be available CannDev is evaluating various markets to discover the best opportunities where high revenues will be possible. Which includes underserved and border areas that populations in nearby states can visit. To gain access to our future compliant retail locations please sign up for our off market deals on this page. 

In 2021, CannDev played a part in winning 10 retail licenses in OH and currently owns 6 properties leased by licensed medical cannabis dispensaries. These are located in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Elyria, Euclid and Ravenna. We know Ohio well and are excited about the potential expansion in this market.

If you’re interested in diving deeper check out this map of existing medical dispensary locations. 

Here is a map view of the distribution of cannabis licenses throughout the state of Ohio: 

Below is a recap of the potential Ohio adult-use program if the voters pass the initiative in November 2023. 

Adult-Use Summary

  • Medical to adult-use licenses:
    • Existing medical dispensaries shall be issued an adult-use license for their existing location
    • Medical dispensary could be issued 1 additional license at another location
    • Level 1 cultivator could be issued 3 adult-use dispensary licenses
    • Level 2 cultivator could be issued 1 adult-use dispensary license
  • One individual may be issued no more than 8 adult-use dispensary licenses
  • The state would issue 50 additional adult-use licenses with preference to social equity applicants
    • State may issue additional cannabis licenses 2 years after first adult-use license issued
  • Adult-use applications would be available within 6 months of passage of the Act (possibly June 2024)
  • 500 foot buffer from prohibited facilities does not apply to existing medical license holder (i.e. a location that was awarded a medical license but had a school open before the adult-use license was issued would still be allowed)
How many cities allow for cannabis retail?

There are 31 districts in Ohio and the state has allowed for a certain amount of medical licenses per district based on 1,200 registered patients per dispensary per district. After the recent round of applications the state will have awarded 130 total medical licenses throughout the state. 

When do applications open?

The most recent round of applications closed November 18, 2021. There are currently no indications of new retail applications opening up anytime soon. However, if the adult-use vote passes many current licenses holders will be granted additional licenses. 

How many licenses are available?

There are currently no new licenses available. The state has awarded 70 new medical licenses based on the recent lottery that was conducted at the end of 2021. 

What's the process to apply?

The most recently process was a lottery process where real estate was required, and a very detailed application was to be submitted. 

How much does it cost to submit an application

For the most recent application process the state received $5,000 per application submitted. 

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