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New York will be one of the biggest cannabis markets in the world. The state has about 20 million population and north of 65 million visitors per year.

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The regulated cannabis industry is excited that New York will soon be open for adult use store front retail. Many companies view this market as so exciting and large that they are expanding into New York with multiple locations.

CannDev has secured a variety of locations including class A flagship locations. Shortly CannDev will be sharing dozens of locations with qualified groups seeking to enter the New York market.

To sign up for access to our New York deals please click the link at the bottom.

As this market continue to develop here is some key information to consider in advance of expanding into NY:

  1. More than 50% of municipalities (1,500+) in NY have opted in for retail. Take a look at our opt in map (link below) to discover which cities opted in.

  2. On average the “opt in” cities have three times larger population’s compared with the “opted out” cities. We believe this will increase the sales per door for those larger cities where retail will be permitted.

  3. In order to submit a retail application in New York a future retailer must secure compliant real estate. 

To check out CannDev’s New York city opt in map, and to gain access to our distribution list for our compliant retail opportunities please click the link below

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As you know, new markets around the country are opening up at a rapid pace.

This creates enormous opportunity for those who can be the first to plant a flag in a new city and secure a ‘first mover advantage.’

We’re currently securing compliant retail real estate in many markets throughout the USA.