Florida: Multiple Compliant Retail Locations Available

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Are you planning to apply for a vertical license in Florida? 

Showing control of retail real estate is critical to earning the highest score possible on your application.

CannDev wants to make it easier for FL applicants by offering properties that are compliant and under control.

Take a look at some retail locations you can utilize on your application at very low cost/risk with our 18-month contingent lease options.


West Palm Beach

This ~3,900 sq ft location in West Palm Beach has solid traffic (16,000+ cars – top 20% in the city) and great frontage with access to a large population base. The nearest dispensary competition is more than 2.5 miles to the south, and is surrounded by retailers and restaurants.

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This 3,200 sq ft location in Jacksonville is perfect for a future cannabis retail store. It has great street frontage, a traffic volume of more than 50,000 cars, room for 30 parking spaces, and a drive-through!

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All of CannDev’s deals in this email have 18 month contingency periods. Which means retailers who work with us will have more time to go through the licensing process at a lower cost. 

CannDev is actively securing more locations in Florida. To get access and see new locations first please sign up by clicking the link at the bottom of this email. 

West Palm Beach

This 1,800 sq ft location in West Palm Beach has a very low lease rate with an updated interior. Within a 10 minute drive it has more than 364,000 population density with a household income of $72,000. 

Take a closer look at this location here

West Palm Beach

This 3,500 sq ft location in West Palm Beach is less than 10 minutes from the West Palm Beach International Airport. The location is currently an antique furniture store so the interior space is nicely done and will require less tenant improvements. The nearest dispensary competition is more than 2.5 miles to the north and south.

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In addition to the locations listed above, we are working hard to secure additional locations before the deadline at the end of April. To access our next Florida deals, please use the button below to access.

Thank you for checking out our properties!

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New York Cannabis Retail Now Open – Compliant Retail Locations Available

Huge news out of New York this week! New York is finally open for retail applications starting October 4, 2023.

Applicants with real estate have a significant advantage as they will be fast tracked through the process and also have a flag planted for their location which will potentially buffer out competition.

The application window will remain open for 60 days, but the earlier an application is submitted, the better.

CannDev secured 10 locations (see below) in various markets around NY state. Please take a look at them and let us know if they are of interest.

In addition, we have dozens of sites coming in the 5 NY boroughs. To access these private deals you must be signed up to our NY list.

Redondo Beach: Opening Soon for Retail Applications (2 locations available)

Redondo Beach is one of the best retail cannabis markets to come online in 2023. There will be awarded 2 retail licenses to serve a population of more than 70,000 people within the city limits. This city is surrounded by opt out markets and within a 10 min drive time is a population density of over 350,000! (see image below)

Redondo Beach have finalized the zoning ordinance and have a City Council meeting on August 15 to discuss the application process.

Now is the time to secure a location before the competition does, and before the costs increase.

Interested in receiving alerts for our off market retail deals?

Where we send you new deals in emerging cannabis retail markets soon to open up for soon to open for applications.

As you know, new markets around the country are opening up at a rapid pace.

This creates enormous opportunity for those who can be the first to plant a flag in a new city and secure a ‘first mover advantage.’

We’re currently securing compliant retail real estate in many markets throughout the USA.