Redondo Beach: Opening Soon for Retail Applications (2 locations available)

Redondo Beach is one of the best retail cannabis markets to come online in 2023. There will be awarded 2 retail licenses to serve a population of more than 70,000 people within the city limits. This city is surrounded by opt out markets and within a 10 min drive time is a population density of over 350,000! (see image below) Redondo Beach have finalized the zoning ordinance and have a City Council meeting on August 15 to discuss the application process. Now is the time to secure a location before the competition does, and before the costs increase.

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Redondo Beach is surrounded by opt out cities. Hermosa and Manhattan beach to the north and Torrance to the south/east.

Check out two compliant properties available below!

2123 Artesia Blvd

This retail building has 2,400 sq ft of space and is located on a main street with over 32,000 traffic counts. There are 9 parking spaces on the lot plus dozens of flexible spaces around it.

There are more than 388,000 people living within a 10 minute drive of this property,

with a household income of more than $125,000 within the same drive time. 

We have in writing from the city that this location is compliant based on the zoning and setback regulations.

You can find a copy of this at the link below. 

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In addition to the above markets, we are working on many other cities in California such as

Riverside, Bell Gardens, Santee, Baldwin Park and dozens more.

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There you will also find our map which indicates which cities in California have opted in to retail cannabis sales.

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