How to Win a Kentucky Medical License – Webinar Recap & More

In case you missed it Here is a recap video of the recent webinar about winning a cannabis license in Kentucky between CannDev and Mr. Cannabis Law

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In the webinar, Dustin Robinson of Mr. Cannabis Law and Julian Aaron of CannDev explain all the details on what it takes to win a cannabis license in the Kentucky market.

In addition, many nuanced questions asked by attendees of the webinar were answered. Don’t miss out on this important information if you are looking to enter the Kentucky market!

CannDev also recently collaborated with the team from Canna Advisors on an extensive 4 step guide on how to apply for a Kentucky medical license. 

Take a look at this detailed guide where we will be covering some of the major areas of the licensing application process you should be focusing on.

Click Here to Check Out the Detailed Kentucky Guide

Retail Real Estate in Kentucky

CannDev has got you covered when it comes to retail real estate in Kentucky.

We are currently securing real estate locations for retailers to utilize for their applications.

CannDev also provides the site-specific documents required for the application. These include floor plans, site plans, security plans and the timeline.

This will make it even easier for applicants working with us.

We currently have 7 sites secured in 3 different regions, with more to come.

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Who is CannDev?

CannDev is a cannabis retail developer and real estate partner. Since our inception, we have put into development over 100 cannabis retail deals throughout the United States.

If you are a cannabis retailer looking to expand aggressively, we can be another option for you to work with. As a real estate partner, we find locations, secure them, make sure they are compliant for retail and more.

We also provide data and analysis related to site selection, such as traffic counts, parking data, drive time demographics and more.

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